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Basics of Life

Basics of Life - Foothill 7 TVGetting life's basics right brings success, fulfillment and joy.

From Ken Burkey and the staff at Green Valley Community Church, Basics of Life examines personal issues of everyday living.

Basics of Life is designed and dedicated to raising the level of community life.  Its straight-forward, practical focus on emotional, relational, financial, physical and spiritual health empowers people to take positive steps individually, in their families and in their community.

Filmed and edited in the Foothill 7 TV studio, Basics of Life brings to El Dorado County messages of encouragement and inspiration. Green Valley Community Church's mission with the show is to effectively communicate a relevant, uncompromised biblical message to every unique generation and enthusiastically give its resources, experiences and giftedness to train and encourage those intent upon making a difference in our world.