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California Bountiful

California Bountiful - Foothill 7 TV - El Dorado CountyAn entertaining look at the people, places and lifestyles that make California the nation's largest food-producing state. 

California Bountiful provides a fast-paced look at subjects important to us all - the food, wine, flowers, meats and fiber products grown in California and enjoyed far and wide every day.

Foothill 7 TV brings El Dorado County this fascinating show produced by the California Farm Bureau Federation. California Bountiful educates and entertains viewers about the family farmers and ranchers who grow the foods we love to eat. It introduces California’s rural communities by putting a face and voice to the people behind the commodities we all enjoy. Stories cover the gamut of how food gets to your table, from farm to fork.

In addition, the show includes cooking segments with expertise from some of California’s most talented chefs as well as produce and gardening segments educating viewers on everything from picking the best cherry to planting their own home garden.