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Put Your Ad on Foothill 7 TV

Advertise on Foothill 7 and reach 60,000 El Dorado County residents.

Advertising on channel 7 is easy and economical. We will produce a 30-second spot for you (see production options). Each time your ad airs, you pay less than $1.00 at today's rate (as of Spring 2014).

We know you want your advertising dollars to reach your target geographic audience. Foothill 7 TV is broadcast by Comcast to 60,000 homes in El Dorado County. If you do business primarily in our county, and you're ready to try television ads, it's smart to consider channel 7.

Why Advertise on Foothill 7 TV?

Shooting a commercial at Burke Junction in Cameron Park - Foothill 7 TV

Premium Placement

Channel 7 is in the center of the dial.

Local Programming

Foothill 7 TV airs content especially created or selected to match interests of El Dorado County residents. Your ad placed within the context of these local-interest shows will be seen by the people you want to reach most with your advertising message.

Advertising Packages

We offer packages, including ad production and broadcast frequency rates, to match small or large budgets. For less than the cost of a Want Ad, your spot runs a minimum of 48 times a day.

Live Streaming

For those who don't have access to cable TV, or who subscribe to services other than Comcast, Foothill 7 TV streams 24/7 here on our website. They see your ad while viewing our shows online.

To find out more about advertising on Foothill 7 TV, click to contact us. We're here to answer your questions and help you put your business on screen!

Recent Ads Produced By & Aired on Foothill7

Here are sample ads showing what's possible for a smaller cost than you might think.

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